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Work from Home Opportunities — Program Options

Community Web Director:

If you help us find customers who need web site design and web marketing services in your community and we will pay you 10% of those sales, including a percentage of recurring billed services!  That’s right.  All you need to do is help us find business in your community and you get paid...

Ideal Requirements:

  • Self-motivated and Outgoing Personality
  • You have a dream of building your own business
  • You are Interested in the Web and Social Networks
  • Former Job Experience interfacing with the Public
  • Willing to call friends and community businesses

What do don’t need to be:

  • A web designer or programmer
  • Full time – unless you want to

What We do For You:

  • Give you your own Web Page
  • Give you a set of Personalized Business Cards
  • Help Train You on SEO basics and Search Engine Marketing Basics
  • Provide you with Marketing and Promotion Ideas

Our Commissions are great and help you build a steady and growing income. This Work at Home Opportunity is only limited by your time commitment, and marketing creativity.

Build a supplemental income with a small part time commitment.  If you simply refer one e-commerce website opportunity which results in an average sale of $4,500, you make $450 for basically making a phone call!  If basic maintenance is sold for $100 per month, that’s another $120 per year on top of that.  Now, imagine you did that just twice a month.  That means you could be making $800 per month plus another $2,500 per year for making just 2 successful referrals per month.   Here’s a little secret too.  Some large web sites with medium and large businesses can cost as much as $30,000 or more! Imagine collecting a check for $3,000 for simply making a referral and making even more per month!

Build a business and take control of your future.  If you’re unemployed or looking for a way to start earning income again, our program can help.  Make a larger commitment of time, and start prospecting for e-commerce opportunities referrals today.  Just by referring 5 basic accounts per month with an average sale of $4,500, you could be generating $2,250 per month, plus a large recurring commission base of over $500 per month in one year!  Do you think you can refer 5 accounts per month?  We do.  Just think of the thousands of local businesses, schools, non-profits organizations in your surrounding communities.  The sky is the limit for a motivated person and leading professional quality products and services we offer.

Media Mavens (and Hounds):

Blogging, Article Writing, Tweeting, Liking, Friending, and Bookmarking:

Ok. This might be the coolest of the work at home opportunities.  What we will do is send you business and you pick up some pocket change.  Our Media Maven program is designed for people who have creative writing know-how, expertise or experience about various subjects or themes, and are social network savvy.  We work with our clients to offer article writing, blogging services, and social network promotion.  As blog content, articles, Tweets, Likes and Book Marks are needed, we call you!  Do a great job and we keep sending you the biz.

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Ideal Requirements:

While playing Farmville the thought occurred you could make money doing social network activities if only somebody would pay me…and

You have any one or more of the following:

  • Twitter Account with over 500 Followers
  • Facebook Page with over 250 Friends
  • A High Quality Blog with readership…and
  • You have a college degree or similar educational experience
  • You know a lot of about certain topics (or have a vivid imagination and or can learn about something very fast)
  • You can write well

What will you make?  Well, the truth is we have no idea.  It depends on what is needed and when.   Here is a general rule of thumb.  You can expect to make about:

  • $20 for an article of reasonable size and quality (figure an hour of effort)
  • $10 for a shorter blog piece (figure a half hour effort)
  • $5 for a package of social mentions (tweets, bookmarks, blog and forum comments)
  • ? for a Good Quality YouTube Viral Video (lets talk)
  • ? get your friends to like a Customer Page (lets talk and figure it out)
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