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Social Media Marketing is an increasingly essential part of your online marketing and e-commerce marketing efforts. Our Social Media Marketing Services offer you and affordable way to build an effective social media marketing program that will yield real benefits.

Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media marketing services are designed to provide you with a manageable way to consistently promote your business, products and ideas through social media channels.  We help you:

    • Developing a social media marketing strategy for Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In,  Blogging, YouTube, RSS Syndication, Bookmarking and Press Releases 
    • Designing branded your Branded Blog Site, Facebook Page, and Twitter Page
    • Social media training for your use of Twitter, Facebook, Blog Posting, and Social Bookmarking
    • Writing copy for Blogs, Article Submission, and Press Releases (with your assistance)
    • Scheduling reminders for Tweeting, Blogging, Articles and Press Releases


Social Media MarketingWhat is it?

Social media marketing is a series of marketing and promotion activities that utilize online social media and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs to promote your brand, ideas, products and services.   Social media marketing inserts you and your business into established networks of people with whom you may have direct or indirect relationships. 

Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

Social Media Marketing can be very effective if done properly.   Even a modest social media marketing program can drive great benefits in the area of SEO.  While the driving principal behind Social Media Marketing is the notion that people, all things considered, like to buy or do business with people they know.  As a practical matter, this is not a primary reason to invest in social media marketing because there is little evidence to suggest that conventional relationship effects apply in the online world.   The real benefit of social media marketing is that it expands your addressable audience by and opens up valuable connections:

  • Targets like-minded audiences with similar interests
  • Increases awareness of your business
  • Builds your reputation and authority as an expert
  • Creates valuable back-linking to your site, which increases your web site’s ranking
  • Expands your presence beyond local markets
  • Provides feedback and ideas
  • Opens up business to business relationships with new suppliers, distributors and partners

Social Media Marketing Services — Our Approach

We understand that for most businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, there is limited time for social media marketing.   Our social media marketing services are designed to help limit your time and maximize results.  Our approach focuses on three basic elements for success:

Quality — it is better to create good content than a lot of poor content

Consistency — it is better to consistently contribute content than start in a flash and then going silent

Credibility — effective use of social media requires adherence to etiquetteSocial media marketing is not about shameless promotion.  It is about sharing for promotion. 

Social Media Marketing Don’ts

Using social media as a marketing platform can harm your business if it is done with care.  Things that should never be done:

  • Making promotional statements that are off-topic
  • Spamming social media forums with your web site links
  • Writing false reviews for your products and services
  • Taking outrageous or controversial positions to attract attention on (unless your business or products are about controversial things and your audience is niched)
  • Being discourteous or rude to others
  • Making false claims



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