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Our pay per click management services (PPC Management Services) is unique program designed to provide real value at an affordable and controllable cost with results.

Pay Per Click Management Services – We Succeed When You Do


We make money only when you do!  We only charge for our time.  We only earn the rest of our compensation when your Sales cover our basic time fee and your PPC advertising costs.  We do not charge based on a percentage of the dollars spent on advertising like most, because this means the only incentive is to spend more of your money.


You Control Spending and Your Advertising Account.   We will help you open up your own PPC account.  You are not required to deposit money with our company. We do not place any pay per click ads without your approval. You are in control.


We Control Your Risk.  More spending does not equal more sales in the PPC world.  The truth is depending upon your products, margins, market size, ad prices and conversion rates, PPC may only be effective within certain ranges of spending.  It might not even be effective at all for certain business cases.    


We don’t use Automated PPC Bidding and Ad Placement Software.  There are plenty pay per click service provider that use automated software programs to manage your pay per click ad placement.  Unfortunately, these programs are designed to primarily do only one thing – allow managers to ignore your business and spend your money while looking busy.  Our services are based on active human management, evaluation and analysis so we can achieve the best results possible. 

Pay Per Click Management Services – Our Approach

We approach PPC very differently from most pay per click management services.  Effective pay per click management services are more than keyword searching and finding “long tail” terms.  In fact it is completely wrong. 

The goal is to find the most effective combination of pay per click ads and key words that yield the most sales at a profit without taking large risks.

Our pay per click management services approach is based on careful analysis of key business and market factors which will point to the right pay per click advertising strategy. 

We will guide you along a path of testing and optimization while reducing your cost exposure.  We will help you find the wining parameters for your pay per click campaign program and then help you make intelligent weighted investments which will drive positive returns with low risk.

Google has made a fortune on the backs of PPC advertisers who did not control their risks and spent a lot of money on hunches.   

Pay Per Click Management Services – Our Key Factors for Success.

The key factors we investigate for our pay per click management services delivery are:

 Average Sales and Margins – Knowing what your average sale amount and absolute margin across the products you wish to advertise is essential.  If your products or items are low absolute cost items and/or yield minimum absolute profit dollars, then these constraints factor into how you design a campaign. 

 For example, suppose you sell your Widget for $50 and your profit is $10.00.  If you must spend $1.00 per click and it takes 20 clicks to get an actual sale, you lose big time (you spent $20 to make $10).  Conversely if you can buy 25 Cent ads, it may be worth your while, because it cost you $5.00 to get a sale that has a $10 profit. 

 Conversion Rates – Conversion rates means the percentage of people of clicl your ad that end up buying.   A 2% conversion rate means 1 out of every 50 ad clicks results in a sale.   In the example above, a 5% conversion rate is needed to make $1.00.  Conversion rates differ due to many factors:

        1. Ad Quality – different text and ad styles can lead to better response than others.  This is a function of your audience and product type.
        2. Site Quality – a poor looking site, a site where people don’t see what they are looking for, or a site where it is hard to buy something will have lower conversion rates.
        3. Product Quality and Price Competitiveness – If your prices for goods are higher than others, of a poorer quality or don’t offer any apparent advantage, then your conversion rates may be lower.
        4. Product Type – certain products are more likely to be purchased online than others.  Certain very high priced goods and services may not enjoy high conversion rates through online purchasing, although this is changing rapidly.
        5. Transaction Keyword Quality – Some keywords are more often used by searchers wanting to purchase than those just shopping.  Conversion rates will differ based on whether the keyword search is bringing you a person looking to buy versus a person looking to shop.

 Search Volume - The number of actual searches for a product or keyword is limited.  Some have large volumes in the hundreds of thousands per month, others perhaps a few hundred per month.  There is an optimum ad spending level based on addressable search market size.  If conversion rates decline with increased spending in the same market, you have reached an ad’s maximum effectiveness and market penetration.  Spending more has diminishing returns.


 Ad Price Competition – The PPC price for Ad placement is an important factor in determining how to optimally build your pay per click management service program, but it is not the main factor.  This is the biggest mistake most people make.  It’s not about the price.  It’s about the price in relation to the volume you generate, the sale conversion rate and your profit.  Some keywords are hotly contested for by competitors.  This means your cost of placing an Ad that will show up in a good position may be high.  There are many keywords have prices for top display positions well over $5.00 per click… and that’s why Google is a multi-billion dollar company.  Other key words are not as highly competitive.  Some are overlooked, and others are just too specific for large competitors to be bothered managing.  Finding “bargain” priced words is great.  Pay per click management services that sell this concept are missing the boat and costing you sales.  It’s about your return on investment.

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